Why MFH retirement calculators are unique

By Melanie

Why MFH retirement calculators are unique

If you search the internet, you'll quickly discover that no two calculators are the same. That's because each calculator is based on assumptions about the future and no one can predict exactly how the future will unfold, especially in relation to the variables that impact your financial savings and retirement plan--taxes, investment returns, gender-based life expectancy, inflation, and investment portfolios, for example.

However, the calculators we offer at My Financial Health (MFH) are created by actuarial professionals who have a unique insight into the future of these variables. Actuaries specialize in working with statistical data to understand trends and they use sophisticated actuarial calculations to determine how to save and invest enough money to achieve future financial goals-such as saving for a home or a healthy retirement income.

Unlike most other websites, all MFH calculators

MFH's online retirement calculators are a user-friendly and convenient addition to your financial planning toolkit. Using MFH calculators means you'll benefit from actuarial expertise, at little or no cost, every step of your financial and retirement planning journey. 

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